Da Yong Elementary School




Wu, Shui Chin

Telephone Number

(04) 23755959 ext.700



       As the principal of the school, I require myself to be an educator, a social worker, a culture transmitter and a caring leader. I deeply believe that school is a place which makes hopes and ideals come true and principal is the one who helps it to take into action. In work, I have been devoted to make the school become the place where the teachers can fully utilize their professional ability and where the students can enjoy their learning.
I have been in education field for over thirty years. My educational ideals are that through education the school can become a place providing for stability and hopes. It is hoped that the students can develop multi-intelligences and learn happily, becoming the citizens of world vision and good temperaments.


Educational beliefs

1. Outstanding education— We pursue for excellence in teachers and students.
2. Humane caring— We never give up any student. We help students to bring out their best potentials and give them a happy childhood.
3. More chance of learning—We provide sense of achievement to the students, broadening their vision and capabilities.
4. Holistic education—We pursue for whole person development along the five core areas: ethical and moral, intellectual, physical, social and interpersonal and aesthetic.
5. Enterprise management— The administration of the school focuses on efficacy, service quality and energy.
6. Team spirit— We volunteer to work and elevate the quality of education.