About Da-Yung






The Campus of  Da-Yung

The lush green vegetation within Da-Yung’s campus is just like a gorgeous jade surrounded by a beautiful urban setting. While visiting our school, you’ll find so many kids around the campus during recess. Kids are always full of energy and laughing with joy while playing and enjoying their school life whether they’re in the classroom, on the sport fields, or even relaxing in the shade. These kids are absolutely great. Because we cultivate both a beautiful school environment and arduous teachings from hardworking teachers, these kids are not only happy but vigorous and well mannered.

The Origin of  Da-Yung

Da-Yung was established on October 15th, 1990. The concerns from the city government while deciding whether to set up a new school at Da-Yung was centered on criteria based on the following conditions. The school community should have convenient transportation, including public facilities, even after a rapid population growth. They wanted to avoid problems encountered at previously built nearby schools. Because of this, in 1988, the city government decided to establish a new school and asked advice from the other two nearby schools on the matters of land management and landscape design as well as in the area of architecture.

The campus is located in the Western Taichung area. It’s at the intersection of Zhongming South Road and Natun Road. It is adjoining to Chong-Lun Park, the National Fine Art Museum and is surrounded by Ma-Yuantou Brook. The school area is not only a very nice environment to live in, but a great place for establishing an academic facility.

The Development of  Da-Yung

Da-Yung Primary School first started in August 1992. The first year’s recruitment was intended for the first grade to the fifth grade. The maximum number of classes was 28 and this number effectively relieved increases in the class pressures at nearby schools. It also helped the district school kids have a school near their house and provided the community with leisure activities nearby.

The Growth of  Da-Yung

The campus area is 3.4644 hectares. The school first planned, according to its development blue print, on having 60 classes. After ten years, because of a great increase in the community’s population and a good reputation for academic performance, the number of students has increased to 92 classes from grade one to grade six plus 6 classes of preschool and one resources class for special education. These are the numbers for the 2007 school year.

The Vision at  Da-Yung

      Here are some goals, here, at Da-Yung:

To break through the limitations at work and to create infinite possibilities for all those working at Da-Yung. Within a limited space and the resources provided, the team at the school is able to manage the school work in a spirit of entrepreneurship. We expect the team to focus on certain perspectives for educational service such as quality, efficiency, vigor, and powerful team work. To work as a team, to serve as active volunteers, to stress humanity concerns, and eventually to carry out our goals for children in need : to educate kids with manners as to create a citizen with a global vision. 

Our ultimate goal is to enrich kids’ learning development in a multi-curriculum context, and to accomplish an education philosophy unique for Da-Yung. The mutual goal at Da-Yung is to have kids learn happily, respect others, always be confident and pursue dreams they hope for themselves in the future.

Welcome to Da-Yung

We hope you experience a feeling of affection, warmth and love towards our educational devotion.