The origin of the school’s emblem has arisen during the developing of its educational vision. This is defined by three perspectives: growing up in happiness, caring for others with respect, and being excellent as well as confident. What the spirit essentially is described in detail in the following:


Growing up in happiness

The upper part of the emblem is designed with the name of the school, Da-yung, in a rounded shape to resemble a growing seed. It stands for a whole-man’s educational approach. On the other hand, the bottom part of the U-shaped design represents a new-born leaf trying to stretch upwards while wearing a happy smile. This icon symbolizes both teachers and students of the school. They are on the way to being joyful and learning happily.


Caring for others with respect

The whole concept of the emblem is symbolized by a boat. The symmetry of its two sides depicts a sense of mutual respect as well as a sense of prosperity and harmony. In other words, all the people in the school need to work together when confronting difficulties while helping and caring for each other, and building up a united team working as one whole life unit.


Being excellent and confident

The name of the school within the central part of the emblem is written in the style of a lighting bolt. This symbol represents the management section of the school. The icon symbolizes the beginning of a sunrise, as well. All are inspired, with confidence, towards a common goal or vision. It reminds us of a giant wheel rolling towards a new era. Because of this, it represents the moving power of a spirit of innovation and renovation; moving forward and pursuing excellence.