Office of Educational Affairs

Director of Educational Affairs: Wang, Hung Yu

Our work:

1.    Enhance the professional knowledge of the teachers.

2. Develop flexible and diverse teaching programs.

3. Fully implement the programs based on the features of the school, emphasizing English and information education.

4. Provide a great learning atmosphere and environment for students.



Office of Student Affairs

Director of Student Affairs: Hsiao,Wei Chih

Our work:

1. Create a safe and healthy learning environment.

2. Offer diverse learning and extra-curricular activities.

3. Fully implement moral education.

4. Promote all kinds of sports and upgrade the physical conditions of the students.

5. Take good care of the health of the students.

6. Encourage parents to learn and grow with children.

7. Hold school activities with community



Office of General Affairs

Director of General Affairs: Liu,Fang Hsiu

Our work:

1.    Offer a safe learning environment for the students to grow happily.

2.    Provide the teachers with the help in teaching facility.


Office of Counseling

Director of Counseling: Ho, Fu Ming

Our work:

1.    Assist in teachersˇ¦ counseling work.

2.    Organize students counseling matters.

3.    Hold counseling seminars.